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What’s Next for Cannabis in Canada?

Cannabis 2.0: A new wave of cannabis categories will soon launch in Canada

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It’s been over 8 months since Canada legalized recreational cannabis, making it the first G7 country in the world to authorize the production and sale of cannabis for adult use. As a nation, we’ve pioneered a new industry, made headway to eliminate the illegal market and created standards and systems for cannabis to be controlled, tested and traceable, while balancing the need to protect children and youth. 

Now, Canada prepares for the next stage of cannabis legalization: edibles, extracts and topicals. Read on to understand the new cannabis categories that are soon-to-be-legal and what you can expect from the products rolling out in the coming months.

Cannabis 2.0: Edibles, Extracts and Topicals

Licensed Canadian producers of cannabis are currently developing a new wave of cannabis products which are vastly different and more diverse than those available today. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know regarding edibles, extracts and topicals.

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Image of a chart explaining what is legal and illegal for edibles in Canada

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Image explaining what is legal and illegal about cannabis topical products

Consistent with other cannabis products that are currently available, these new products will be sold in plain, child-resistant packaging to reduce their appeal to youth and protect against the risk of accidental or over consumption.

Cannabis 2.0 will also include new accessories to support the  categories, which include: 

  • Handheld vaporizers, pipes, and pens for concentrates
  • Vape cartridges, dabbing kits and accessories

When will the new product categories be available to purchase?

Cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals will gradually be available for purchase online and in bricks-and-mortar stores beginning in winter 2020.

For more information on the Government of Canada’s legal framework for cannabis, please click here.

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