Health Effects

Cannabis consumption can have a wide range of effects on physical and mental health. While further research is required to fully understand how cannabis affects the body and brain, the resources on this page will help you interpret what the clinical evidence to date says about the relationship between cannabis consumption and mental health, the developing brain, and pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as how cannabis may be used for medical purposes.

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Cannabis Consumption and Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis use exists on a spectrum, ranging from abstinence to cannabis use disorder (or addiction). If you choose to consume cannabis, it’s important to understand the spectrum and the risks at each point.


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Cannabis and the Brain

While many people can use cannabis in a low-risk way, it’s essential to be aware of the short- and long-term effects that regular and/or frequent cannabis consumption can have on the brain.


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Cannabis Use and Mental Health

Clinical research has established a complex connection between regular cannabis use and mental health outcomes. Here’s what researchers know so far.


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How Cannabis Affects the Developing Brain

Regular cannabis use during adolescence may negatively impact brain development. Learn how THC may affect the developing brain and the risks to adolescents.


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Cannabis, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

While the effects of cannabis use during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not yet completely understood, no amount of cannabis has been proven safe. Here’s what the current clinical evidence says about the risks.


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Cannabis for Medical Use

Access to cannabis for medical purposes has been legal in Canada since 2001. Learn about the laws governing medical use of cannabis and what research says about its effectiveness as a treatment for certain health conditions.


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Long- and Short-Term Health Effects of Cannabis Use

Cannabis education can be key to reducing the possible long- and short-term effects of cannabis consumption. 


Cannabis and Youth

Learn how to have open, honest and effective conversations about cannabis with youth

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