Made Clear

The more you know, the better positioned you are to make the most informed decisions about cannabis consumption. The evidence-backed resources on this page — about consumption methods, health effects, laws and harm reduction — can help provide clarity so you can feel confident about your choices and reduce potential risk to yourself and those around you. Research into cannabis and its effects continues to evolve; the resources on this page will be updated to reflect the latest evidence.   

Responsible Use

If you choose to use cannabis, it’s important to do so in a way that lowers the risk to yourself and others. We’ll help you understand the differences between each unique consumption method and provide tips for minimizing harm.

Legal Use

There’s a lot to know about Ontario’s legal cannabis industry. Learning about regulated and unregulated products and sources, as well as the laws, is key to making informed choices.

Health Effects

Cannabis consumption can have a wide range of health effects, both positive and negative. Here’s what the current research says about how cannabis can impact physical and mental health and how it may be used for medical purposes under the guidance of a medical professional.

Cannabis and Youth

Many young people are curious about cannabis — even before the legal age of consumption. Speaking with youth early and honestly about cannabis is key to helping them make informed, responsible decisions. Use our guides to lead open and effective conversations.

Resources and References

To create Cannabis Made Clear, we consulted trusted sources and expert voices. Find those sources on this page, along with resources that you can refer to for additional information and support.