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Summer Guide to Legal Cannabis

Whether you’re exploring a new corner of our beautiful province or visiting Ontario for the first time, here’s what you need to know to enjoy cannabis responsibly this summer.

Summer Guide to Legal Guide Cannabis

Everything you need to know about consuming cannabis legally and responsibly in Ontario this summer. 

Ontario Authorized Seal
Look for the seal. Be sure you’re buying cannabis from a legal source.

How can I tell if a store is legal?

Look for the seal.
Outside every Authorized Cannabis Store in Ontario, you’ll see the Provincial Retail Seal displayed somewhere near the store’s public entrance.

No seal? It’s not a legal source.


Yes, cannabis is legal in Canada, but there are limits on possession, sales, travel and where you may consume it, and these rules vary by province or territory. Here’s how you can stay within the law and consume responsibly in Ontario. 

Where can I legally consume cannabis in Ontario?

While Ontario sets general rules around where cannabis can be legally consumed, municipal bylaws may vary, so it’s worth checking local laws.

Some of the places you can vape or smoke recreational cannabis include:

  • Most private residential dwellings, including front porches and backyards
  • Many outdoor public places, such as sidewalks and parks (at least 20 metres away from schools and playgrounds)
  • Designated smoking guest rooms in hotels, motels and inns
  • Residential boats and vehicles that meet specific criteria, such as having permanent sleeping and cooking facilities, and are parked or anchored (excluding boats used to carry passengers for hire)
Purchasing and Possession Limits by Format

Picking up bevvies or edibles for a gathering? Here’s how much one person may carry (just one category at a time — not all at once!)

30 G Dried flower
7.5 G Concentrates (solid or liquid)
48 x 355 mL Beverage cans
450 G Edibles
2,100 G Non-solids, such as oils
30 Cannabis plant seeds


    How much cannabis can I buy and carry?

    The Government of Canada has set limits for how much cannabis you can purchase at one time and carry in public: 30 g (about one ounce) of dried cannabis or its equivalents in other cannabis products.

    If you’re found guilty of possession over the limit, you could face a fine (for small amounts) or up to five years in jail.


    Can I carry cannabis in a vehicle?

    If you’re transporting cannabis in any motor vehicle, whether on public roads or your own property, failing to keep it contained and stored safely could result in charges. And of course, driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal.

    By Car or Truck

    Cannabis being transported in a car or truck must be either inside the original packaging and unopened, or packaged and firmly sealed, or not otherwise readily accessible to the driver or passengers. This law applies to other motorized vehicles too, like motorcycles and ATVs.

    On Trains and Planes
    Travelling by air or rail within Canada? You’re generally permitted to transport the legal limit of cannabis in your carry-on or checked bag. Check the possession, legal age and consumption laws for the place you’re travelling to, as they vary across the country. When crossing the border, leave cannabis at home, even if you’re heading to a place where it’s legal or decriminalized.

    By Boat
    The above storage rules also apply to boats, including personal watercraft like Jet Skis and canoes, even on a private lake.

    In a Camper or RV
    While the vehicle is in motion, the rules are the same as for cars. Check the local consumption regulations and those of the campground — in all Parks Canada sites, for example, you may consume on your personal campsite, subject to local laws, but the rules can vary by municipality.


    The benefits of legal cannabis are all about convenience, choice, confidence and certainty.

    Get What You Want 
    Shop 2,000+ products — from value-packed to ultra-premium options — from Licensed Producers across Canada.

    Get It Quickly and Easily 
    Over 1,600 Authorized Cannabis Stores across Ontario offer in-person shopping, many with click-and-collect and delivery. Plus, shop 24/7 at

    Know What’s Inside
    You’ll be informed about the THC and CBD content, thanks to Health Canada’s mandatory testing requirements. 

    …And What’s Not 
    Every product is lab-tested for unapproved pesticides, harmful contaminants and more.

    FYI: Penalties for possessing illegal cannabis products range from fines to criminal charges.


    Visit Cannabis Made Clear for more evidence-backed facts about cannabis consumption, health effects and harm reduction.

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