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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon for March 2024

Embrace new beginnings this spring with the very latest product offerings, including berry delectable edibles, popular infused pre-rolls and gassy flower.  

Spring will be rolling in shortly, alongside a wave of new cannabis innovations and products, from tropical vapes and spicy pre-rolls to unique edible and beverage formulas. Get a sneak peek at the offerings your favourite brands and intriguing newcomers are dropping soon at select Authorized Cannabis Stores and

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From left: Redecan CBD Gems Plus + 50, M*ry Jones Berry Lemonade, Boxhot Cruise Control — Fiji Fresh, Rosin Heads Hash Rosin Infused Pre-Roll


CBD Gems Plus + 50

30 capsules

Pre-dosed CBD in a convenient softgel

Know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming in a dose: Sustainably sourced MCT oil is infused with 50 mg CBD and encased in a softgel cap with no cannabis aftertaste. The CBD is CO2 extracted from a single cannabis strain.


Berry Lemonade

355 ml

A classic infused with modern cannabis technology

Pop the cap on this bubbly new sweet-yet-tart Berry Lemonade, infused with 10 mg nanoemulsified THC from a blend of cannabis strains. The beverage boasts no cannabis aftertaste, letting all the berry and citrus flavour shine.


Cruise Control — Fiji Fresh

2 g

Take your time with Cruise Control

Get tropical notes of kiwi and banana flavour with every big bodacious hit, made possible by the vape’s exclusive, oversized hardware. The CO2-extracted sativa distillate also features CBG, a buzzy minor cannabinoid.


Hash Rosin Infused Pre-Roll

2 x 0.5 g

Potency and flavour where rosin meets pre-roll

Taste notes of sour blueberry in these pre-rolls that feature dried flower infused with solventless strain-specific live rosin for a full-spectrum, full-flavour experience. High THC potency, little to no CBD.


Pineapple Coconut Crush 510 Thread Cartridge

1 g

The tropics have never been closer

Take a sun-soaked vacation with every inhale. This tropical 510-thread vape cartridge offers sun-kissed ripe pineapple flavour seamlessly blended with the creamy richness of coconut — all in one potent distillate.

Coming soonFrom left: Jeeter Baby Jeeter Infused Fire OG Pre-Roll, Artiznl Fawnta, Lord Jones Chocolate Fusions — Dazzleberry Pop, Olli Feelin’ Blue Raspberry Bursts, Jeeter Baby Jeeter Infused Blue ZKZ Pre-Roll


Baby Jeeter Infused Fire OG Pre-Roll

5 x 0.5 g

Welcome to Canada, baby!

Baby Jeeters may be small sized, but they pack potency. Each 0.5 g hybrid pre-roll is infused with diamonds, dusted in kief and bursting with citrusy, sweet and spicy flavour. Fire OG is one of two infused pre-roll varieties Jeeter just launched in the Canadian market.



7 g

Colourful, terpy sativa with a sweet and citrusy aroma

Dried slowly and cold cured, this zesty sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Ice Cream Cake and Tropicanna Cookies. The hand-trimmed dried flower is terpene-rich and visually striking, with bright orange and purple hues streaked through the buds.


Chocolate Fusions — Dazzleberry Pop


Indulge in a multi-layered flavour experience

Each 2 mg THC Dazzleberry Pop starts with a chewy sweet berry centre that’s surrounded by a layer of rich dark chocolate bursting with playful popping candy. Then it’s glazed with a gold dust finish for a truly complex and elevated sativa edible.


Feelin’ Blue Raspberry Bursts


A blue raspberry blast from the past

Olli Bursts are designed to deliver a splash of flavour in each chewy 5 mg THC gummy (with no CBD). Indulge in fruity waves of tart raspberry and sweet blueberry from natural flavours.


Baby Jeeter Infused Blue ZKZ Pre-Roll

5 x 0.5 g

Popular pre-roll arrives in Canada

Bursting with THC diamonds, kief and tart citrus and sweet earth flavours, each 0.5 g pre-roll packs strong THC potency potential from a rotation of strains.

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Clockwise from top left: Bud LaFleur Deep Mandarine Pre-Roll, General Admission High Key Kiwi Indica (1:0) Blinker Vape Pod, Carmel Sexy AF, Olli That Tastes Grape Bursts, XK Splash Citrus XL, Weedon Botanique Green Tiger Balance Balm


Deep Mandarine Pre-Roll

2 x 0.5 g

A balance of low cannabinoids and high orange fragrance

Slow-cured hybrid Deep Mandarine delivers similar small amounts of CBD and THC alongside aromas of mandarin and orange blossom. The pre-rolls’ fruity scents are thanks to the strain’s terpene profile, which includes ocimene, myrcene and caryophyllene.


High Key Kiwi Indica (1:0) Blinker Vape Pod

0.95 g

Juicy kiwi flavour — without the fuzzy exterior

Ripe for sunnier weather: a THC-packed vape cart with bright kiwi sweetness. Experience the convenience of this indica-dominant pod, with botanical terpenes enhancing the fruity taste.


Razzilicious Hybrid (1:0) Blinker Vape Pod

0.95 g

Pucker up to this sour vape

Potent THC distillate is infused with botanical terpenes to complement the strain’s flavour profile — raspberry that inhales sour and exhales sweet for a unique, tasty experience. This pod is compatible with the General Admission Blinker battery.


Sexy AF

3.5 g

Light up your senses with musky, gassy dried flower

Exclusive to Carmel, hybrid Sexy AF presents a heavy smoke with gassy notes and a touch of sweetness. The frosty, dense orange-haired buds are bred in-house, a cross of Animal Face and Sorbetto strains. To ensure freshness and terpene richness, Sexy AF is hand-trimmed, slowly cold cured and hand-packaged.


That Tastes Grape Bursts


A gush of grapey goodness

Take one bite, and a liquid burst of grape flavour explodes in your mouth, reminiscent of a classic candy favourite. Each uniquely shaped Olli Burst delivers 5 mg THC for a total of 10 mg per pack, with no CBD added.


Splash Citrus XL

7.5 ml

A spritzable mist of citrusy THC oil

A quick and smokeless delivery of concentrated ethanol-extracted THC oil. Spritz once under your tongue to get 10 mg THC, atomized into easily absorbed micro-droplets, plus a wash of citrus flavour. Each atomizer contains 70 sprays.


Green Tiger Balance Balm

50 g

Botanical blend of tradition and innovation

This topical balm is infused with 450 mg each THC and CBD from live hash rosin distilled from Weedon Botanique’s own organically farmed plants and pure CBD isolate. Alongside the balance of cannabinoids, the handcrafted product contains invigorating ingredients like menthol and camphor that produce a pleasant sensation on the skin.

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