Cannabis Basics

Intro to Cannabis Oil

Here are the basics on cannabis oil: what it is, its reported benefits and what to consider when using it.

Cannabis Oil: What It Is, Pros & Cons

Cannabis oil is a cannabis extract — a concentrated substance derived from the dried flower — that is mixed with a neutral oil, such as MCT or sunflower oil. It can be packaged in a bottle with a spray top or a dropper, and is taken orally. It can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis.

Pros and cons of cannabis oil

As with any cannabis product, there are pros and cons to using cannabis oil. Advantages include convenience, as the bottle is portable, and the oil often has no odour or flavour. It’s a smoke-free alternative to dried cannabis, and because it’s concentrated, only a small amount is used.

One downside of using cannabis oil is that the reported effects are not as immediate as they are with inhalation (your body processes ingested cannabis in a different way).

How much should I take?

If you are using cannabis oil for the first time or trying a new product, Health Canada recommends starting with a low dose and increasing it slowly once you determine how it affects you. The product label provides information on how much CBD and THC is in the oil.

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