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A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Soon for February 2024

This winter brings product drops you won’t want to miss. Cozy up with hot new flavours, innovative formats and exclusive collaborations to add to your stash. 

Warm up the winter season with new products across all categories. Browse through freshly launched product highlights to discover edibles, beverages, vapes and more. Whether you’re looking to escape the chill with tropical flavours or hoping to infuse your stash with a hit of something new, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

pre-roll and cannabis beverageSoar Citrus Cyclone Infused Blunt​, Shred X Rainbow Heavies Diamond & Disty Infused Pre-Rolls and Ace Valley Passion Fruit Guava CBD (counter-clockwise from top left)

Citrus Cyclone Infused Blunt  

1 g

Pucker up to premium potency

This hemp-wrapped blunt is infused with cannabis oil and dipped in kief with a Dutch crown finished tip for an elevated pre-roll experience. The small batch flower within delivers sweet, creamy flavour with citrusy hints of orange and lemon.


Rainbow Heavies Diamond & Disty Infused Pre-Rolls

3 x 0.5 g

Sample the distilled rainbow

Shred X’s potent pre-rolls are infused with THC diamonds, distillate and terpenes for flavour. The variety pack lets you savour multiple tastes — Blueberry Blaster, Gnarberry and Mother Pucker Peach — in one convenient package. 


Passion Fruit Guava CBD 

25 mg CBD, 0-0.05 mg THC 

A juicy take on CBD

Ace Valley’s CBD-infused sparkling water is a refreshing choice, with an abundance of tropical flavours and fruity bubbles in every can. Each can contains 25 mg CBD.

 topical, blunt and vape
Wildflower Relief Duo, Wagners Grape Quake AIO Vape, Ambr x Sweet Jesus Birthday Cake Infused Pre-Roll, Rizzlers Citrus Cyclone Pod, Rizzlers Blud Orange Pod (clockwise, from left)



Relief Duo

2 x 15 g

Double the relief in a limited-edition pack. 

These topical sticks glide over the skin, delivering rich coconut oil and shea butter infused with soothing arnica, spearmint and eucalyptus. This limited-edition trial pack includes the CBD Relief Stick with 103 mg CBD and the brand’s newest 1:1 Relief Stick, featuring 53 mg of both THC and CBD. 


Grape Quake AIO Vape   

1 g

Same Grape Quake, new great taste

The beloved hybrid strain from Wagners is now distilled and available in a convenient vape. The all-in-one vape is infused with sweet flavours of pastry, grape jelly and buttercream.


Birthday Cake Infused Pre-Roll   

1 g

Light up and puff out this birthday cake pre-roll

Ambr proudly collaborates with iconic Toronto ice creamery Sweet Jesus on an infused pre-roll. The vanilla frosting flavour comes courtesy of a custom terpene blend made in California, serving up a unique experience.    


Citrus Cyclone Pod  

0.95 g

Tangerine, lemon and lime flavours in a tasty vape cart  

Rizzlers’s Citrus Cyclone delivers a blast of citrus flavours in every 0.95 g hybrid pod. Rizz pods are compatible with Rizz Dispenser batteries, sold separately.  


Blud Orange Pod  

0.95 g

Another tasty drop from Rizzlers

The hits keep coming with this fruity sativa-dominant pod. Snap the vape pod into the Rizz dispenser battery and savour the blood orange, peach and cranberry flavour profile.  

pre-roll, beverage and edible
Mindset Fruit Jam CBD Kombucha, 7Acres Burners, Shred’Ems Hawaiian Fruit Fiesta 4:1 CBD:THC (from left)

Fruit Jam CBD Kombucha

25 mg CBD, 0 mg THC  

Go with your gut with CBD kombucha

Enjoy the bubbles without the THC. This CBD-only infused beverage delivers 25 mg CBD in every sparkling strawberry- and hibiscus-flavoured sip.



2 x 0.7 g  

Start slow and go smooooth

Boldly claiming to be the GOAT of pre-rolls for its slow and smooth burn, this product allows you to taste and appreciate the flower’s sour herbs, skunk and spice notes with each pull. Burners are made to be savoured and even designed to be put out and relit to suit your needs.


Hawaiian Fruit Fiesta 4:1 CBD:THC 

40 mg CBD, 10 mg THC 

CBD- and THC-infused gummies that pack a fruity punch

Bring some CBD into the mix with Shred’Ems Hawaiian Fruit Fiesta gummies. Each pack contains four chews infused with indica-leaning cannabis distillate, offering 10 mg CBD and 2.5 mg THC per piece. 

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