Cannabis Info

  • Do you have vegan or gluten-free edibles?

  • Do edible packages indicate if the product is nut-free?

  • Are edibles produced in a nut-free environment?

  • Do hemp and cannabis produce different types of CBD?

  • What's the difference between hemp and cannabis?

  • How do I understand the THC and CBD content displayed on my cannabis product label?

  • What’s the difference between THC and Total THC on a cannabis product label?

  • Do cannabis products have an expiry date? How do I know if my product is fresh?

  • How do I contact the Licensed Producer of my product?

  • Why is the cannabinoid content listed differently for dried flower than it is for oils or capsules?

  • Why does legal cannabis sometimes cost more than what’s available on the illegal market?

  • How do I grow my own cannabis plants indoors?

About My Order

  • Why does my address fill in automatically when I’m checking out?

  • How long do you keep my personal information?

  • Shipping Update

  • Can I pay with a prepaid credit card?

  • What should I do if I have a complaint about the quality of product I purchased at an authorized retail store?

  • Do I have to be home to receive my order?

  • What will happen to my Same-Day or Express Delivery order if I use a PO box as my shipping address?

  • How will my order be delivered?

  • Can I place an order if I’m currently outside of Ontario? (US/International orders)

  • How do I contact the Licensed Producer of my product?

  • Can the OCS shipping and packaging boxes be recycled?

  • Can I recycle my cannabis packaging?

Cannabis Health & Safety

  • What are some of the safety features of cannabis packaging?

  • How can I safely dispose of cannabis?

  • How can I reduce the risks of consuming cannabis?

  • Can I use cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • Does cannabis consumption lead to other drug use?

  • Is it unhealthy to inhale cannabis smoke?

  • Is it possible to overdose on cannabis?

  • Are there programs to help me if I think I’ve become addicted?

  • Why shouldn’t alcohol be consumed with cannabis?

  • Why shouldn’t tobacco be consumed with cannabis?

  • Can I drive while or after using cannabis?

  • What are the mental health effects of cannabis use?

About OCS

  • What web browser does work best with?

  • Is my information private?

  • I recently purchased a product and now the price has been lowered. Can I be refunded the difference?

  • Will I have to show my ID when I receive my order?

  • The product I wanted to purchase is sold out. When will you get more stock?

  • Can First Nations request that the OCS not deliver to their reserve?

  • How can I track my order?

  • Where is my personal information stored?

  • Can I use my medical document for medical cannabis to make a purchase at OCS?

  • How does OCS ensure that cannabis products are not sold to youth?

  • Can I return products at OCS?

  • Is ordering online secure?

Cannabis Products

  • What should I do if my vape cartridge has crystallized?

  • What are edibles?

  • What is an Oral Spray?

  • How Do I Use an Oral Spray?

  • What are cannabis concentrates?

  • What are cannabis topicals?

  • Why does legal cannabis seem to be packaged so excessively?

  • Can I recycle my cannabis packaging?

  • Can I send back cannabis packaging to be reused or refilled?

  • Can the OCS shipping and packaging boxes be recycled?

  • Is legal cannabis tested for quality before being sold?

  • My dried flower has lost its moisture content, what can I do?


  • Can I grow cannabis plants outdoors?

  • What are the growing standards and regulations for legal cannabis?

  • Where can I consume cannabis?

  • Can I go into the United States or any other countries with my legally purchased cannabis?

  • Can I give cannabis to a minor in my home?

  • What is the difference between cannabis from the OCS and cannabis from an Authorized Cannabis Store?

  • Can I bring cannabis products into Canada from the United States?

  • How can I grow my own plants?

  • Who regulates the production and sale of recreational cannabis?

  • What is the legal age to purchase cannabis?

  • Can I grow cannabis at home?

  • Can I travel with cannabis outside the province?

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