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Bhetter with Bhang

Bhang® is an award-winning cannabis edibles brand made for cannabis lovers who also happen to love chocolate. All our chocolates start with premium cacao and are crafted using the recipe of a master chocolatier. Unlike competitors, Bhang® always tastes like chocolate—not cannabis. High quality at a low price – that’s Bhang®.

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Bhang Mission

At Bhang, we’re dedicated to providing a high-quality product that elevates your cannabis experience. Consistency, potency, and quality are what we strive for, not to mention customer satisfaction. Bhang is all about finding new ways to enhance the cannabis-infused chocolate category, one bar at a time.

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Bhang THC Milk Chocolate

Bhang® THC Milk Chocolate is made with sustainably sourced 48% cacao. It has a creamy texture, cannabis-free flavour, and 10 mg THC per bar.

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Bhang THC Dark Chocolate

Bhang® THC Dark Chocolate is made with sustainably sourced 73.8% cacao. The rich, dark chocolate flavour prevails with 10 mg THC per bar.

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Bhang CBD Milk Chocolate

Bhang® CBD Milk Chocolate is made with sustainably sourced 48% cacao. The creamy, decadent flavour is complemented with 10 mg CBD and 0.5 mg THC.

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Bhang Caramel Dark Chocolate THC/CBD 1:1

Bhang® Caramel Dark Chocolate THC/CBD 1:1 is made with sustainably sourced 73.8% cacao, featuring dark chocolate and sweet caramel undertones. This bar contains 10 mg of THC and 10 mg CBD.

THC Varieties

CBD and Balance Varieties

Chocolate-first Flavour

Bhang chocolate is made with sustainably sourced cacao using chocolate produced by a European-trained chocolatier. All our products have a chocolate-first, cannabis-free flavour. If you love the taste of chocolate and the effects of cannabis, Bhang chocolate was created for you.

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Made for Sharing

Each Bhang bar is scored into four pieces, making it easier to control your serving and share with of-age friends.

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Stash Safely

As with any cannabis, it's important to store your Bhang chocolate in a safe, locked location. Bhang should not be accessible to minors or pets. It's a treat for you, not for them.

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