Complete Nutrient Kit

Reefertilizer is a simple, effective, three-step fertilizer and nutrients system that makes it easy for anyone to grow cannabis at home.  Learn More

About This Product

Grow more, work less. Reefertilizer was designed with the everyday grower in mind. Our three-part nutrient system is perfect for anyone who wants to start growing great cannabis at home. Each product leans into the other to support your plants from the soil up as they grow from seed to flower. Reefertilizer Start provides beneficial fungi which helps build strong roots that will support and protect the plant as it grows. Reefertilizer Grow and Bloom provide a balanced mix of nutrients designed for the plants' vegetative and flowering stages. Our complete nutrient kit includes download access to a beginners guide to help new growers get up to speed and set them up for success. One kit will feed four to six plants grown in soil. One weekly feeding is all you need for plants indoors or outdoors. Reefertilizer is with you every step of the way to help you grow good cannabis.

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