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Valens Agritech Ltd.


Kelowna, BC

Keep it Simple. Make it Great.

We believe high quality, next-generation cannabis products should be accessible to all Canadians. This belief inspired Verse Originals – our line of best in class formulations, hardware and value.  Verse Originals feature vapes, versatile oils & water-soluble drops, and edibles. Subtle or bold, uplifting or downtempo, Verse Originals are always of high quality and remarkably consistent.

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Verse 100% botanical-derived terpene Vapes

Meet Verse Vapes – our best in class formulations, hardware and value. Our ultra-refined extraction have generated an ultra-pure distillate and 100% Botanical terpene blends allow us to offer unique flavours like Tropic Lemon and Sunset Peach. The high-performance cartridge is compatible with 510 thread batteries and is made of medical-grade stainless steel.

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Cannabis Reinvented - Verse Water-soluble Drops

Meet Verse Drops. This highly purified product comes in THC and CBD variants and has been engineered with SōRSETM by Valens technology, making it water soluble and free from cannabis flavour and odour. These versatile drops can be mixed with food and beverages or ingested directly, orally or sublingually. For those looking for a custom CBD-THC blend, the two products can be mixed.

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Verse Soft Chews

Meet Verse Soft Chews – cannabis meets flavour.  Each pack contains 5 chews infused with 2 mg of THC per chew and is full of flavour to delight the taste buds. Whether you want to take your soft chews on the go or at home, Verse Soft Chews are held in a resealable pouch to ensure each soft chew is fresh every time. 

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Verse 1:20 CBD Oil

Meet CBD Oil by Verse Originals. This highly purified CBD formulation has a orangey citrus flavour produced by Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene and Bergamot oil. The subtle flavor makes this oil suitable for both direct ingestion as well as an addition to food. The carrier oil is a safe, premium MCT oil.  Verse Originals CBD Tincture is easy to use with a precision-dropper.

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Hydrocarbon White Rhino Crumble

Meet White Rhino Crumble by Verse Concentrates – our line of premium hydrocarbon concentrates focused on capturing the essence of the living plant. Extracted with hydrocarbon, it features a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.  Derived from a BC-grown, indica-dominant White Rhino strain, lead terpenes Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene create a fruity and piney aroma. This crumble has a remarkable honeycomb like consistency and comes in a non-reactive glass container for freshness.

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