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Calgary, AB

The Craft of Cannabis

Top Leaf was founded by cannabis enthusiasts under a simple guiding principle: “What do we want to smoke?”. While the rules have changed, the philosophy stays the same. So why Top Leaf, you ask?

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It all starts with Genetics

You'll never grow good cannabis from bad genetics. We've travelled the world building our collection of cultivars—strong genotypes filled with potential and ready for greatness.

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A State of the Art Grow Op

The days of secret greenhouses and basement grow ops are over. We grow instate-of-the-art rooms built specifically for small-batch cannabis. This way each strain gets the unique lighting and feeding schedule needed to thrive. It's kind of like having a garden designed by NASA.

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Hands on TLC

The latest technology and automation is great, but it doesn't replace a little personal attention. We spend time with our plants, making sure they are healthy and strong. After harvest, we slow cure for a minimum of 28 days to bring out the natural flavours and then hand finish to ensure every bud is perfect.

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Black Series

Top Leaf’s Black Series is a place for fun flavour experiments. Featuring spicy indicas, fruity sativas and one of a kind hybrids, Top Leaf Black offers a fun range of cannabinoid and terpene profiles for people who like a little adventure. Black Series strains: Strawberry Cream, Jager OG, Four Star General, Florida Lemons, OGG, Super Skunk and Purple Clementine

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Legends Series

Legendary status cannot be given, it can only be earned. The Legends Series features only the classics—strains people have been smoking for decades. The ones they know, the ones they love. And Top Leaf knows how to grow them right, turning legend into reality. Legends Series Strains: GSC, Pink Kush, Bubba, Northern Lights

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