Brand Name

Reef Organic

Licensed Producer

Aqualitas Inc


Brooklyn, NS

Organically Grown Cannabis from Atlantic Canada

Reef Organic products are produced by Aqualitas, Canada’s first Clean Green Certified LP. We’re committed to sustainable agriculture and clean water, with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in our processes. 1,000 Koi fish in our aquaponics system generate nutrient rich water for our cannabis plants. Our design uses up to 90% less water and 50% less energy than traditional indoor cultivation. 

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Thoughtful Genetics

Carefully selected for the discerning cannabis consumer, we work hard to optimize the genetics of the plant in a controlled environment that allows for maximum plant heath and consistency. This helps the plant realize its full genetic potential batch after batch. 

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Certified Organic Cultivation

Reef products are grown using aquaponics and aquaponic farming with organic living soil with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The soil is enriched with a proprietary blend of 16 amendments and the help of nearly a thousand Koi fish. The nutrient rich water from the Koi tanks is then used to irrigate the plants that grow faster and healthier, with higher THC levels and more intense terpene profiles. The finished product provides a truly bold sensory experience.

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Craft Indoor Batches

Hand-finished, graded and filled, our products have proven consistency for potency and terpene profiles. We carefully monitor our plants’ moisture levels for 24 hours a day to package at the perfect time. 

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Bold Sensory Experience

Our cannabis products feature dense bud structures and pure white ash, resulting in a cleaner burn. Specifically designed to enhance complex terpene and robust flavonoid profiles, we engage trained sensory panels to evaluate all products before they’re released. Our premium vapes provide a smooth, true-to-plant experience – using organic flower and no additives. These products feature naturally occurring cannabis terpenes only.

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Clever Koi

Our fish are an important part of the Reef family. Each time one has a certain personality or physical trait, it gets a name. Our Cultivation Supervisor, Danielle, named one fish Einstein because of how quickly he figured out how to hit the demand feeder so that food lands in his mouth. In 46 minutes of footage from that fish tank, the feeder was hit 37 times, 29 times by Einstein. Clever Koi.

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Premium Full Spectrum Vapes

Our vapes provide an enhanced cannabis flower experience that is authentic and true-to-plant. Extracted from small, indoor, single-source, organically grown batches that capture the authentic cannabinoids and terpene profiles. Our concentrates are free of additives, using only the cannabis plant itself.

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