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BZAM Cannabis


Vancouver, BC

Explore Your -ness™

At -ness, we’re not snobby about cannabis, but we are particular about quality. Our legacy growers focus on flavour first, producing cannabis with very high THC in tight ranges so there’s no guesswork. We believe cannabis is personal, so it’s all about how you want to experience it. Choose from our boutique menu of products with familiar lineages, freshly picked and packed just for you.

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Flavour-first growing

Our growers use unique nutrient formulas selected to bring out specific terpenes for each strain. We drop temperatures pre-harvest to improve trichome production and we use wet trimming to retain rich trichome content. Our flower is carefully selected for bag appeal, aromas and flavour.

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Pocket-friendly vapes

Our distillate is made using cryo-ethanol extraction which keeps out as many unwanted materials as possible and yields an odourless cannabis oil perfect for flavouring with our botanical terpene blends. This process also yields very high THC content in tight ranges.

Unique Strains

Juicy Flavours

High THC

Fresh Product

Serious about fresh-ness

We proudly operate several state-of-the-art facilities in Western Canada where our growers place just as much importance on freshness and high THC as they do on flavour. We do our best to ensure our products go from harvest to you in as little time as possible.

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