Brand Name

HWY 59 Cannabis

Licensed Producer

BioScision Pharma Inc


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Take a trip down HWY 59

Premium cannabis 2.0 products proudly made in the heart of the prairies.

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Made in the prairies

Proudly produced in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our vape cartridges are cold weather tested and fire on even the coldest Winnipeg winter days.

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High quality cannabis vapes

Made for cannabis lovers, HWY 59 Cannabis Live Terpene Vapes are true to the cannabis experience. If its not found in cannabis, its not found in our vapes.

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Next level concentrates

High in terpenes, low in price.

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Drinks for every season

Whether you're looking to warm up in the winter or cool off in the summer, HWY 59 Cannabis beverage mixes have you covered.

Premium Vapes


Warm Up

Cool Off

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