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Ghost Drops

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Ghost Drops



Canada’s Most Notorious Cannabis Brand

Ghost Drops is redefining cannabis in Canada. Through exclusive partnerships with the most respected breeders and the most talented legal cultivators in the industry, our model delivers the very best in Canadian cannabis. Originally established in the legacy market, Ghost Drops has built a loyal community by setting the standard for quality and offering the country’s most sought-after genetics.  

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Ghost Drops

We got our start in the legacy market, founded by a group of stoners no different than you - a collective with a passion for exciting, quality cannabis. This whole dream started with a couple of pounds, a cellphone, a website and a few like-minded people willing to take a risk to change the game forever. 

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The People's Champ

Since day one, the community has pushed us to deliver the most premium cannabis in the country from the most respected breeders and growers. Every day we work to continue to be The People’s Champ - curating the best for the community. We launched into the legal market with some of our most notorious legacy strains. Our initial drops were decided by a People’s Choice tournament that allowed our legacy market community to decide which genetics we would bring to the legal market.  

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Canada’s Premium Cannabis Brand House

Ghost Drops brings your favourite Canadian legacy market brands, growers and genetics to the legal side of the industry. Our partners include a number of respected Canadian breeders and cultivators. 

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