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Bake Sale

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Kanata, ON

Your Secret Ingredient

With approachable potency levels and the sweetest prices, Bake Sale is ready to be the go-to ingredient for cannabis connoisseurs to release their inner chef. It offers outstanding value and versatility, ideal for those who like to experiment in the kitchen or want to extend their stash.

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What’s your secret ingredient?

With its low cost per gram and approachable THC range of 14-17%, Bake Sale All Purpose Flower is ideal for decarboxylating to make edibles, tinctures and oils. It’s a great value ingredient for those perfecting recipes or just experimenting with decarboxylation for the first time.

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Powered by HEXO®

Bake Sale is Powered by HEXO®, the recognized quality and innovation behind award-winning products.

Approachable Potency

Great for Baking

Sweet Price

Release Your Inner Chef!

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