Update From The OCS On Product Delivery - October 28, 2018

The OCS continues to receive orders through, and to ship thousands of orders to customers daily. Over 150,000 orders were made via in the first week of operation post legalization.

Customers have experienced shipping delays, partially due to the mail and package backlog at Canada Post created by rotating work stoppages in the Greater Toronto Area. With over 9,000 workers off the job last week, as well as Canada Post picking up a limited number of orders from OCS, delivery times have been impacted and many customers will continue to see delays. This weekend, tens of thousands of packages were picked up by Canada Post for delivery to customers.

Efficiencies and ways to further expand capacity at the OCS distribution facility continue to be made to help meet the massive demand. Our staff continues to work around the clock to fulfill customer orders, and respond to customer inquiries from calls and emails. OCS has increased its capacity to speak with callers and reduce wait times for people while on hold with the customer service line by implementing additional call and email agents.

The OCS has adequate product supply to fulfill orders and continues to receive new supply on a regular basis.

OCS is working closely with Canada Post and distribution centre staff to ensure packages are moving as quickly as possible. “We are looking daily at ways to continuously improve and to provide the highest standard of customer service. We will continue to provide updates to the public as we work through these issues,” said OCS President Patrick Ford.

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Update From The
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- October 25,
Update From The OCS On
Product Shipping And
Customer Service - October
25, 2018