No Future

The Purple One Sativa THC Gummy


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That classic grape flavour you know and love. 10mg of THC per soft chew.  Learn More

About This Product

Isn't it funny that when you eat a real grape it tastes one way, then when you eat grape jelly or grape jam or grape juice it tastes nothing like the stuff we make wine from, but we still call that stuff "grape" whatever (insert food here)? It all somehow ends up tasting like candy and not the fruit at all! Wow, just wow.
Licensed Producer
No Future
8.50 - 10.00 mg
0.00 mg
Plant Type
Sativa Dominant
Extraction process
Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool
Growing Province
Growing region

Category disclaimer: As a natural product, THC and CBD content in cannabis may vary among lots of the same strain. THC and CBD ranges shown on the product pages of are provided to OCS by federally licensed cannabis producers and may differ from ranges specified on product packaging from these same producers. Other product packaging elements may also vary slightly from what is pictured on the product pages of In case of a discrepancy between a product’s packaging and, refer to the information on the product packaging. Some products may be shipped separately.


Where are the effects?

The use of cannabis products may result in specific effects for different consumers; however, there is limited scientific evidence to support these potential effects. Everybody reacts to cannabis differently, and one user’s reaction to different cannabis products may vary depending on strain, potency, consumption method and other variables. The only way to know how cannabis will affect you is to consume a small amount and note the effects. Always start low and go slow.


Nutrition Table & Ingredient List

Nutrition Facts
Per container (10.0 g)
Calories 30.0 % DV*
Fat / 0.1 g 0.0 %
Saturated / 0.0 g
+ Trans / 0.0 g
0.0 %
Carbohydrate / 7.0 g
Fibre / 0.0 g 0.0 %
Sugars / 5.0 g 5.0 %
Protein / 0.4 g
Cholesterol / 0.0 mg
Sodium / 3.0 mg 0.0 %
Potassium / 0.0 mg 0.0 %
Calcium / 0.0 mg 0.0 %
Iron / 0.0 mg 0.0 %
*DV = Daily Value /


Ingredients: Sugars (glucose, sugar), Water, Gelatin, Citric acid, Natural and artificial flavour, Modified coconut oil medium chain triglycerides, Malic acid, Fumaric acid, Amaranth (colour), Brilliant blue FCF (colour), Palm oil, Hydrogenated palm oil, Cannabis extract.

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