Purple Jane HTFSE 510 Thread Cartridge

Purple Hills HTFSE Carts bring the flavour and feel of fresh-frozen cannabis to life. Purple Jane is sweet and earthy with hints of grape.  Learn More

About This Product

Purple Hills HTFSE Carts are filled with a proprietary single-strain blend of our terpiest live resin and distillate. This reliable, accessible vape cart brings the full profile of our fresh-frozen cannabis to life. The high-potency, high-terpene extract is made from fresh-frozen flower, full of sungrown flavour. The Purple Hills farms are located in Creemore, Ontario, in the heart of Ontario's Greenbelt. Purple Hills genetics are selected to thrive outdoors in the Creemore microclimate and are hand-tended throughout the season by a small and dedicated team. The terpene-rich, aromatic flower is preserved through flash-freezing at harvest and then concentrated through hydrocarbon extraction. The resulting live resin contains all of the flower’s sun-expressed flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, packing a more complete and complex cannabis flavour than CO2 or ethanol extracts. Purple Jane is sweet and earthy with hints of grape.
Licensed Producer
Agripharm Corp
Purple Hills
Very Strong
72.00 - 78.00%  |  720.00 - 780.00 mg/g
0.00 - 2.00%  |  0.00 - 20.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Indica Dominant
Extraction process
Growing Province
Growing region
The Purple Hills of Creemore, Ontario
Grow method
Grow medium
Grow room lighting
Drying method
Hang Dry

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