Lemon Pepper Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge


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Purple Hills Live Resin carts bring the profile of fresh-frozen cannabis to life. Lemon Pepper is packed with citrus and spice.  Learn More

About This Product

Purple Hills Live Resin carts are filled with a proprietary single-strain blend of our terpiest live resin. This reliable, accessible vape cart brings the full profile of our fresh-frozen cannabis to life. The high-potency, high-terpene extract is made from fresh-frozen flower full of sun-grown flavour. Purple Hills genetics are selected to thrive outdoors in the Creemore microclimate and are hand-tended throughout the season by a small and dedicated team. The terpene-rich, aromatic flower is preserved through flash-freezing at harvest and then concentrated through hydrocarbon extraction. The resulting live resin contains all of the flower’s sun-expressed flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, packing a more complete and complex cannabis flavour than CO2 or ethanol extracts. Eco-friendly agriculture is a core tenet of Purple Hills. The Lemon Pepper Live Resin cart is a mixture of sour citrus and spice with haze undertones.
Licensed Producer
Purple Hills
Very Strong
69.50 - 75.50%  |  695.00 - 755.00 mg/g
0.00 - 0.20%  |  2.00 - 0.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Sativa Dominant
Extraction process
Beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene
Growing Province
Growing region
Grow method
Grow medium
Living Soil
Grow room lighting
Trimming method
Machine Trimmed
Storage Criteria
Store in a cool, dry place

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