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A great option for growers looking for different genetics to grow at once in less time than traditional photoperiod genetics. The seeds are distinguished by their water-polymer colour-coating surface.  Learn More

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In the Autolicous Multipack you will find 2 Trop CKS Auto, 2 Apple Fritter Auto and 2 Sour Cheese auto seeds. This collection of auto-flowering seeds is perfect for those who want faster grows and a good variety of genetics. Trop CKS Auto are here to bring the fruity sweetness! These auto-flowering genetics will leave you with frosty buds and a beautiful aroma showing purple hues of colour at times in late flower and an intricate terpene profile. With the ease of auto-flowering you’ll have buds ready to harvest between 10-13 weeks from planting. Sour Cheese Auto will fill your grow room with strong aroma’s and tastes like you’re being slapped with a brick of cheese. With beautiful buds and good hitting potency levels, Sour Cheese Auto will be one grow you won’t forget! Apple fritter Auto – this fruity high potency California strain is a great auto-flowering grow and will often show its true colours with a bit of purple and thick trichome covered buds.
34 Street Seed Co.
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Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene
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