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Full-Spectrum and Sun-Grown in Ontario

WholeHemp products are all full-spectrum, whole plant CBD products, made in small batches. Unlike products made with CBD isolates or distillates, our products contain not only CBD but other trace cannabinoids and terpenes, which together are thought to have a synergistic effect commonly known as the entourage effect.

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Our bestselling Premium CBD Flower!

WholeHemp’s 3.5 g Premium CBD Flower continues to be our bestseller. Demand is high, and its popularity continues to grow as it is selected from only the finest high-CBD orchard-grown whole hemp flower. It’s hand-harvested and lovingly cured and trimmed to preserve the natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles and comes at a great price!

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Get your roll on with high-CBD milled flower

WholeHemp Milled CBD Flower is high-grade hemp flower hand-selected from elite CBD hemp cultivars and milled to deliver a consistent CBD potency, with low THC levels inherent to hemp. Roll our ready-to-go high-quality CBD flower on its own, or blend it with your favourite higher THC flower to finesse your perfect roll.

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Pre-rolled CBD perfection

Find your zen with WholeHemp Premium CBD Pre-Rolls. Ten perfect 0.7 g pre-rolls wrapped in unbleached Pure hemp cones and packed in an environmentally conscious recyclable cardboard box.

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Easy-to-swallow CBD & CBDA Capsules

WholeHemp CBD and CBDA Capsules are an easy to swallow, simple and readily bio-available capsulized form of full-spectrum CBD and CBDA. CBDA, or cannabidiolic acid, is the raw form of CBD as it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Each CBDA capsule contains 25mg of total CBD (16mg of CBDA, plus another 10mg of CBD), and each CBD capsule contains 15mg of total CBD. It’s time to give them a try!

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Luxurious CBD cream made with shea butter

WholeHemp CBD Cream is a versatile & luxurious cream made with only shea butter, WholeHemp CBD Oil and arrowroot. It is packaged in a 2 oz amber glass jar containing 250 mg of CBD and minimal THC. This cream has a great feel as it's made by whipping full-spectrum WholeHemp CBD oil into pure shea butter, giving it a high viscosity and light texture. WholeHemp CBD Cream applies smoothly and is absorbed readily by the skin. It is suitable for all external areas of the body, including the face.

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Embrace the synergy of infused full-spectrum oil

Taste the full-spectrum difference! WholeHemp CBD oil is made by infusing organic sunflower oil with our premium WholeHemp CBD flower. That's it! Unrefined CBD oil containing all the goodness of the plant delivered within a 30ml amber glass bottle containing 25mg/ml or 750ml per bottle of Total CBD.

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Finest high-CBD sun-grown flower

WholeHemp’s Premium CBD Flower product is selected from only the finest high-CBD orchard-grown whole hemp flower. Only the finest high-grade hemp flowers are hand-selected from elite CBD cultivars to deliver a consistent CBD potency with the low THC levels inherent to hemp. The flowers are hand-harvested and lovingly cured and trimmed to preserve their natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

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Make full-spectrum CBD part of your daily rountine

Easy-to-swallow WholeHemp capsules are made without animal products and contain readily bio-available finely ground high-CBD sun-grown hemp flower. Whether you choose our value-priced 15mg CBD Capsules (60 caps/jar) or our unique 25mg CBDA Capsules (15 caps/jar), they are always packaged in a recyclable amber glass jar and contain the full-spectrum goodness of the whole plant.

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