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Chatham, ON

At Vertical, We’re All About The Ascent

Whether you’re hanging with friends or flying solo, it’s all about feeling confident in knowing you’re enjoying the best, every time. That’s why we put our expertise into finding new ways to grow, harvest and cure premium strains. ​

Your story is our story, and we want you to know we’re here for you. We strive to be your source of education, your go-to confidant, and your favourite recreational cannabis brand. Thanks to science-based innovation, rigorous quality control, and pharmaceutical-grade standards, we offer a carefully curated selection of cannabis products for consistently enjoyable and unique experiences. ​

Choose premium quality you can count on. Choose Vertical.

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Dried Flower

We’re proud to say our premium dried flower is tended to by hand and retains a rich terpene profile. Our heavy hitter Cold Creek Kush is a customer favourite. We include a humidity control pack in every container because we know that freshness is important to you.

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Cold Creek Kush Pre-Rolls

Our Cold Creek Kush dried flower now comes in a 5 x 0.5g pre-roll pack.  Each pre-roll is made from high quality, indoor grown, single lot strains. This means with every pre-roll you are getting 100% quality bud. We also include a humidity control pack in every container to maintain optimal freshness.

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Oil Drops & Softgels

Vertical Cannabis’s oil and softgels are extracted from high quality cannabis strains grown indoors in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility utilizing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Our cannabis drops and soft gels allow for simple and discreet usage, along with consistent effects that come with precise dosing. Oils and soft gels are available in THC, Balanced (THC/CBD) and CBD.

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Beverage Minis

Our pocket-sized beverages, referred to as minis, are available in a discreet and portable 55mL format, offering a serious flavour kick. Our THC mini contains ~10mg THC and our CBD mini contains ~25mg CBD.

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The Vertical Advantage

The Vertical Advantage is the culmination of high-quality processes and standards that we utilize during every step of our plant's life cycle. It represents our vertical growing method which allows us to be efficient and cut down on energy consumption.

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