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An elevated experience…the Vertical way

At Vertical, we put our expertise into growing premium quality cannabis strains of 20%+ THC, that you can count on. We want you to feel confident in knowing that you are enjoying the best cannabis, every time. Thanks to science-based innovation, rigorous quality control, and pharmaceutical-grade standards, we offer a carefully curated selection of cannabis products, with consistency and quality being the focus.

We know that the extra steps really do matter. We hand sort, hand finish and hand pack all our flower. Special care is put into the process of hang drying and slow curing. We foil seal our products and include humidity packs as a standard, to guarantee optimal freshness. We go the extra mile to ensure that when the product arrives in your hands, you are delighted with what you see, taste and experience. Because ultimately, it is the experience that captivates us all. And we want yours to be an elevated one…the Vertical way.

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20%+ THC heavy hitter - Cold Creek Kush

Our heavy hitter, indica dominant strain, Cold Creek Kush, is a customer favourite with THC coming in at a pleasing 20 - 26% as well as >1% CBG. CCK lineage is MK Ultra + Chemdawg 91, giving it an impressive flavour profile where myrcene, ocimene, and caryophyllene dominate the sensory experience. Imagine an earthy, woodsy herbaceous aroma. The bud is dense, and the taste lands solidly on the palate. To maintain freshness, we include a humidity control pack in every container.

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Let us do the rolling for you

Our signature strain, Cold Creek Kush, is also available in a 1g single pre-roll and a 5 x 0.5g pre-roll pack. Each pre-roll is made from high quality, indoor grown, single lot strains of 20 - 26%THC. This means with every pre-roll, you are getting 100% quality bud, no filler. Additionally, we fold our pre-rolls to prevent uneven burning. Our Cold Creek Kush pre-rolls offer another great way to consume CCK. Your Choice. Your Way.

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Kief - a welcome addition to the CCK family

Vertical’s Kief is derived from our well-known Cold Creek Kush flower, an indica-dominant, single strain known for its high THC content. It has an herbal earthy, piney and woodsy taste. Our Cold Creek Kush Kief is extracted through a dry sift process, allowing the trichomes to separate from the rest of the plant matter. The fine tumbling results in trichomes smaller than 220 microns, creating a final product of exceptionalquality.

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Softgels - simple, discreet & precise

Vertical Cannabis’s softgels are available in 2.5mg THC capsules and 8mg THC capsules. Softgels allow for simple and discreet usage, along with consistent effects that come with precise dosing. Our softgels are color coded for easy identification.

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