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Smiths Falls, Ontario

Hi. from Tweed.

Tweed is committed to growth in every sense of the word, and our wide selection of formats is as diverse as the communities we’re lucky enough to call home. We’re setting the standard for cannabis right here in Canada, providing top-notch customer service, strain variety, quality assurance, and innovative products Canadians have been waiting for.

Something for any occasion

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Tweed Flower

We offer strains to match every taste, whatever your taste may be. Explore our variety of flower options and find the one that suits you best. Available in THC Levels: High, Medium, Low, you’ll surely be able to find your fit.

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Tweed Drinks

Cannabis just got a fresh new look. Whether it’s Penelope and Tonic™, Bakerstreet and Ginger™, or Houndstooth and Soda™, our refreshing line of cannabis-infused drinks will give you a whole new reason to say, “cheers.”

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Tweed Chocolate

With four pieces per bar, our milk-chocolate products infused with cannabis were made for sharing. Bakerstreet and Peppermint™, Houndstooth and Mocha™, and Penelope™ have 2.5 g of THC per piece (psst...Penelope™ also has 1.88 mg of CBD).

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Tweed Drinks

Tweed Chocolate

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Proudly grown in Canada

Tweed has more than 4.3 million square feet of indoor and greenhouse cultivation space in Canada, proudly producing high-quality cannabis products for people across the country. We’re setting the new standard for cannabis, all starting right here in Canada.

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What’s new?

Whether it’s new products and formats, intuitive and functional packaging, proprietary gadgets, or anything else innovative, we’re 100% committed to making it work for you. And no matter what we’re doing, we’re doing it safely. We’re driven by the opportunity to shape this industry into something every single Canadian can be proud of, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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Tweed & TerraCycle Partnership

We partnered with TerraCycle to develop not one, but two national recycling programs. The Tweed TerraCycle Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program takes any and all cannabis packaging, and the Tweed TerraCycle Cannabis Vape Recycling Program recycles all vape batteries and cartridges from Canopy Growth brands.

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