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The Green Organic Dutchman

We’re all about Certified Organically Grown Cannabis

We are The Green Organic Dutchman. Makers of certified organically grown cannabis. We believe in crafting the finest cannabis products possible; that's why we use the highest quality organic ingredients, resulting in products that are premium and organic from seed to sale.

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Not All Cannabis Is Created Equal

Our organic cannabis is certified organically grown by Pro-Cert, one of North America’s most regarded organic certification bodies. We are proud to deliver a product free of synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, and unnatural pesticides, allowing Mother Nature to do what she does best.

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We Grow in Living Soil

Our plants thrive in living soil - an ecosystem of living organisms and enzymes working together to build a healthier, stronger plant. This biodiverse ecosystem creates a better tasting, terpene-rich cannabis plant.

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We Use Natural Sunlight and LED Lights

Our plants grow under full-spectrum light provided by the sun. In combination with the LED system in our Hybrid Greenhouse, we carefully control the environment to get the best of both lighting options. This results in healthier plants with rich and potent cannabinoids and terpenes.

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We Use Natural, Purified Rainwater

We use only natural rainwater, captured , at our greenhouse? At our facilities? purified using Ultra-Violet light. Our sophisticated irrigation system delivers controlled amounts of water to the plants throughout the greenhouse, which is recaptured, and purified again.

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We Use Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging is a key component of the sustainability story. TGOD considers the impacts of our supply chain and the materials we use. Where possible, we use recyclable glass and recycled paper for our product packaging which can be reused or recycled after you're finished with it. For example, our unique glass jars can be upcycled into into a variety of household items like planters, spice containers or candle holders. Our packaging development team ensures sustainability is top of mind as we develop our packaging, while still adhering to government regulations.

Pro-Cert Certified Organic

Grown in Living Soil

Natural Fertilizers and Pest Control

Greenhouse Grown

Have you Tried Ripple by TGOD?

Ripple Dissolvable THC Powder provides the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis.

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The Certified Organic Difference

Discover the difference certified organically grown cannabis can offer.

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Premium Certified Organically Grown Cannabis

At TGOD, we're driven by a passion for cultivating premium, certified organic cannabis. Growing using complex organic methods requires setting high standards. It means looking to the past and the future. Tapping into the wisdom of the traditional organic growers who have come before us while leveraging the most innovative technology of today. The result is safe, high quality, certified organic products.

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