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Tantalus Labs

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Tantalus Labs


Vancouver, British Columbia

Small-batch sustainable cannabis, crafted in B.C.

Tantalus Labs produces high-quality cannabis using sustainable cultivation methods. Our purpose built facility allows our plants to benefit from 100% captured rainwater, full spectrum sunlight with supplemental HPS, and unprecedented fresh airflow. To craft our products, we focus on elite genetics, pure inputs, and disciplined cultivation

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Exclusive Genetics

From dessert strains like Kush Cake to the West Coast staple Blue Dream, Tantalus thoughtfully phenotypes to produce unique genetics for cannabis enthusiasts. Our seed bank of over 200 unique cultivars, along with in-house breeding, keeps us on the hunt to cultivate exclusive genetics.

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Pure Inputs

End product quality is the result of pure inputs. This guided the design of our purpose built facility, named SunLab. Rainwater is captured and triple filtered for irrigation. We maximize fresh airflow through our growing bays, and allow full spectrum sunlight to fuel plant growth. All of this effort is to optimize plant health to produce quality bud.

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Disciplined Cultivation

Our cultivation cycle starts with a lengthy phenotyping process to find a cultivar worth growing. Small-batch lots receive multiple rounds of defoliation during their vegetative and flowering stages, to direct plant energy to colas and buds. We hand harvested and cold cure, to preserve terpenes and aromas.

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