Brand Name


Licensed Producer

Valens Agritech


Kelowna, BC

A great night shouldn't mean a bad tomorrow.

Whether it's Tuesday or Friday, enjoying yourself today shouldn't be a trade off for a worse tomorrow. Summit provides THC forward edibles with no cannabis taste or smell.

Summit en 1

A1. A simple name, a simple belief.

At A1 Cannabis, we created Basecamp and Summit to help you relax, reset and reconnect with yourself, others and nature. You are on the go and nothing should slow you down. Our focus is to provide the best tasting beverages and Soft Chews with no taste or smell of cannabis. Our packaging is reclosable, allowing you to consume some now and later.

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Summit 10 Lemonade Iced Tea

A lightly sweetened combination of lemonade and iced tea is the perfect mix of sweet and sour. The most refreshing and familiar way to consume your cannabis.

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Summit Wild Berry Soft Chews

Other Soft Chews are made with flavourings, artificial colours and animal by products. Why consume those when you could be eating a natural fruit juice based gummy made with pectin. Our fruit juice adds all the flavour and colour to these tasty treats while the pectin, sourced from fruits, provides a soft chewy texture.

10mg THC

Resealable Lid

Lightly Sweetened

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