Brand Name

Simply Bare

Licensed Producer

Vintages Organic Cannabis Inc


Delta, British Columbia

All that we need Nature provides

We wanted to grow a purer, simpler, more sustainable cannabis.  

Simply Bare is Canada’s first and only Organic Certified greenhouse-grown cannabis, raised in living soil under the BC sun, slow-cured for 14 days and FVOPA organic certified. 

You’ll know it the second you open the glass jar and the rich aroma fills the room; this is BC bud done right. Nothing added, nothing taken away: Simply Bare.

Simply Bare en 1

Organic Certified Cannabis

Our dream has always been to grow the most flavourful cannabis by using only organic ingredients and processes. We’re proud to be recognized as Organic Certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA).

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Hand-mixed Living Soil

Growing the best cannabis on earth starts with the best soil. Our secret blend of hand-mixed living soil gives our plants all the nutrients needed to let them fully express themselves in appearance and aroma. We use rich, locally harvested ingredients from Sunshine Coast like Douglas Fir bark, worm castings, kelp and fish meal to create a natural soil that mimics exactly what our plants require to produce full, aromatic buds.

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14 Day Hang-Dry

You can’t rush great BC bud. There are different approaches to drying flower but we prefer the a slower method. We hang-dry each bud in a temperature and humidity-controlled room, turn off the lights and leave them for 14 days. This process helps preserve the aroma, THC potency and ensures proper moisture content.

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Room-filling Aroma

We put only our choicest flower in fully recyclable glass jars and air seal them for freshness. You’ll know why as soon as you crack open the jar and the room fills with an incredible aroma. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of nature’s labour.

Experience Nature’s true cannabis.

Try one of our organic certified, hand crafted strains today and notice the difference for yourself.

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