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Moncton, NB

Get to know SHRED

SHRED is here to make your cannabis experience easier. From roll to bowl, SHRED is pre-milled, high quality whole-flower that’s ready-to-use. You can trust that every pouch is top-shelf, never shake. And you won’t find stems or sticks, either just pre-milled nugs with at least 18% THC. You already grind hard enough, let us grind your bud for you.

Premium, pre-milled cannabis that won’t slow your roll

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We grind premium whole-flower

Stems and seeds? No thanks. The most important thing to know about SHRED is that it’s not shake. Instead, it’s big buds, but, like, way smaller and without any sticks or stalks in the mix. That’s because we pre-mill top-shelf, whole-flower buds so you can pinch what you need without any of the shaky stuff that you don’t.

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Find out why SHRED is easier

‘But the ritual,’ you exclaim! If you’re feeling hesitant about pre-milled cannabis, we get it. But we believe in simplicity and that ease-of-use can become a ritual in itself. Think of SHRED as the ultimate cheat sheet with no compromise. It's a whole-flower experience, simplified. And you didn’t even have to work for it.

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Easier than easy

Just when you think SHRED couldn’t get anysimpler, we showed up with a Jar of Joints. A bangin’ combo of pre-shreddedwhole-flower that hits the citrus and tropical aromas, Tropic Thunder JPre-Roll’s are 14 tightly packed joints living harmoniously in a jar.  

A Trifecta of flavour

Available in resealable humidity packs, SHRED is a trio of hybrids in distinctly full-flavoured aromas. Meet them: Gnarberry (fruity), Flower Power (floral), and Tropic Thunder (citrusy).

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