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Welcome to the Shatterizer Family!

Thank you for joining us. For us, this business is not just a company. Shatterizer has come about as a result of personal experiences and wanting to revolutionize what we consume and how we consume it. Customer dedication and continual innovation are our top priority. We always want to shatter your expectations with #PerfectClouds, everywhere and all the time.

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Shatterizer Vaporizers

Designed and invented in Ontario, our Shatterizer concentrate vaporizer with aluminum globe is available in black or silver. Versatile for use with over 20 cannabis extracts, our powerful battery is 510 thread cartridge compatible. Shatterizer’s QDC Quartz Dual Coils and CTECH Ceramic Coils are inter-changeable, replaceable and available in 5 packs. All our hardware is high quality, affordable, easy to use and clean and delivers fullest flavours, smoothest vapors and #PerfectClouds every time!

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New BUBBLER by Shatterizer

The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a NEW 2-in-1 portable/desktop extracts vaporizer kit with our new BUBBLER water feature attachment, larger battery and protective case, offering highest level of enjoyment yet for even more #PerfectClouds. The specialty filtration system maximizes bubbles, increases airflow and reduces vapor temperature!  Enhanced with NEW very bright up lighting and upgraded battery functions, it’s easy to use, fill, clean and is very powerful, reliable, and enjoyable.

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Our High Tech QR Code

Our QR Code experience for our hardware collection of vaporizers and coils is designed with love and innovation, to ensure you have #PerfectClouds, right out of the box, right away, everywhere and all the time. Upon registration and product validation you will have immediate access to videos, product info and our latest real-time Shatterizing News! You can re-access anytime using your activated products unique serial code. Simply Scratch the silver bar & scan the sticker with your mobile device.

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Shatterizer Extracts

Shatterizer Extracts are made with love in Ontario, using the highest-levels of science, technology and quality extraction methods. Only fresh cannabis inputs are used with a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons in all extraction processes. Special attention is paid to preserving flavour and producing high-quality. Specially sourced and selected from the finest growers across Canada, we look for flower with the right characteristics, from THC levels to terps and flavonoids. Enjoy very Responsibly!

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Shattering Expectations with #PerfectClouds!

What’s INSIDE?
Comes fully assembled and partially charged with:
Aluminum globe top, atomizer base, 2 Quartz Dual Coils (QDC), 2 coil caps, powerful Lithium-Ion battery (510 thread compatible), Magnetic Silicone Lined Storage Container, Micro USB Cord and 1 Dab tool!

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NEW BUBBLER by Shatterizer includes:

Protective Travel Case, Self-Regulating BUBBLER, Base, Original Glass Top, powerful Battery with up lighting and atomizer base (510 thread), Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with cap, Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) with cap, Divided Magnetic Silicone Storage Container, Double-sided and engraved Dab Tool, Extra long Micro - USB Charging Cord, Booklet including Guide, QR Code and Customer Service Information.

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Shatterizing @ the OCS!

Please enjoy our video customized for Ontario Cannabis Stores! Watch NOW to see how our Shatterizer works, differences between CTECH and QDC coils and how easy it is to clean...after #PerfectClouds… 

Thank You Shatterizer Family!

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