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CannMart Labs


Toronto, Ontario

Roilty - BHO extracts from legacy hearts & hands.

For cannabis extract enthusiasts and legacy consumers alike, Rolity offers a selection of exciting and interesting strains, with extra care in the curation and extraction process. We place value on preserving high terpene profiles which results in rich, flavourful concentrates.

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Extracts Reign Supreme

Roilty is focused on creating top-notch cannabis concetrates, this clarity means that quality is a prerequisite, not a price modifier.

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Legacy Hearts & Hands

Roilty is created by legacy enthusiast hearts and hands, like you, we share in the excitement and coronation of the next best thing. That is why we are committed to revolving strain profiles and our belief that terpenes are king! By leveraging a gentler extraction we're able to preserve these profiles, elevating taste and aroma as well as your experience.

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Cannabis Enthusiasts

For cannabis extract enthusiasts & connoisseurs alike, Roilty uses extra care in the curation and extraction process, placing value on preserving high terpene profiles for rich, flavourful concentrates.

Juicy, Terpy Goodness

Flavour for Daze

Always Full-Nug Run

High(est) Potency

Roilty Live Resin

1G of higher potency, juicy BHO extract dripping with terpenes and rich in aroma. A flavour experience worth it's weight in gold.

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Roilty Vape Carts

1G of terpene rich cannabis distillate; strain inspired botanical terpenes influence each unique flavour profile. We use only 510 Thread CCELL technology to ensure an excellent experience.

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Roilty's state-of-the-art BHO Extraction Lab

CannMart Labs, locationed in Toronto, Ontario, has been created to produce and process butane hash oil extractions. Leveraging legacy expertise, to craft small-batch extracts like Live Resin, Shatter, Sugar Wax and more.

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