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Jonny Chronic

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Thorndale, ON

Meet Jonny Chronic

If there’s one phrase to describe Jonny Chronic, it’s “old school”, and that’s not only because we cultivate cannabis with genetics that pay homage to premium landrace cultivars. Our operations are also in an old school that one Ontario family converted into a licensed cultivation facility.

Jonny Chronic has deep roots in farming crops and cultivating cannabis, and our lineup of elusive and sought after genetics is impressing consumers and cannaseurs in Ontario and across Canada.

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Jonny Chronic Flower

Small batch cultivation is what sets us apart. Our cultivation practices utilize beneficial plants and insects rather than pesticides bringing you nothing but natural cannabis. Buds are hang dried and hand trimmed to preserve their delicate structure and keep those trichomes intact

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Jonny Chronic Pre Rolls

Enjoy some of our most sought after cultivars in pre roll format. We seek out elusive genetics to cultivate some of the most terpene rich strains, and invite you to enjoy our products through expertly crafted pre roll joints

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Jonny Chronic Extracts

Our full spectrum extracts bring out the best parts of the cannabis plant. Sourced from single strains with terpenes expertly preserved, our premium vapes are available in high THC, CBD, and balanced options. Jonny Chronic is always honing our craft to continually offer Canadians a variety of small batch, small scale, and high-end extract options.

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