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London, Ontario

Our roots run deep

INDIVA products offer Canadians high-quality options for pre-rolls, dried flower, capsules, and softgels. Each product comes from our state-of-the-art facility in London, Ontario.

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Who We Are

Indiva is based in London, Ontario. Our dedicated team works hard to make sure every product that leaves our state-of-the art facility is up to our standards—and yours.

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What We Do

Indiva is all about combining great things. Indica and sativa. Experience and expertise. Cannabis and the community. No matter what we do, Indiva honours the past while keeping our sights set on the future.

Jack Herer Pre-Roll

CBD Softgels

White Russian Pre-Roll

Sativa Capsules

Whole Flower, Never Trim

INDIVA whole flower offers high THC and terpene content and our pre-rolls are made with whole flower, never trim, to provide you with a premium product.

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Pharmaceutical-grade MCT Oil

Our commitment to premium cannabis products extends to our capsules. Our CBD Softgels and THC capsules are only made with pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil. Available in Indica, Sativa, and CBD.

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Experienced. Passionate. Innovative.

INDIVA takes the prestige of the past to create quality products for the future.

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