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Rare, Craft Organics from Salt Spring Island, BC

GOOD BUDS is a family-run LP and Certified Living Wage Employer from Salt Spring Island, BC. We take pride in growing house strains in small-batches and delivering all-natural buds and concentrates on our FVOPA Organic Certified family farm.

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Ocean Grown BC Bud

GOOD BUDS proudly grows next to the Pacific Ocean on Salt Spring Island, BC. Our plants bathe in the salty ocean mists, giving them a unique quality that makes for an extra sticky and flavourful nug. This salty quality is also great for extracting flavour-packed hash and rosin.

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Micro-Batches, Rare Strains

At GOOD BUDS, we're all about bringing you unique flavour and terp experiences. Our strains are hand-picked from the best cuttings from our rare house genetics to deliver on taste, terpenes and stickiness. All our indoor buds are microbatch, hand-trimmed and hang-dried using a slow cure burping method, before being fresh-sealed for shipment

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Living Soil Organic Farm

We're committed to sustainability, and that starts with how we grow. Our Family Farm is Certified Organic through the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). We grow exclusively in living organic soils, feeding our plants using recaptured rainwater to give back to the earth.

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Family Run for the Love of the Plant

GOOD BUDS is a family-run company that was founded in the back of a sprinter van. Our founder and CEO, Tyler, is personally involved in growing, extracting and inspecting every single batch that leaves the GOOD BUDS site. Our goal is to share our love for the plant, and connect good people with good cannabis.

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All-Natural Concentrates

We extract our organic hash and rosin in small batches, using nothing but heat and ice water. Our team is relentless in their pursuit of the best. No chemicals, no additives. Just pure, terpy goodness.

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Quality In, Quality Out

Our team is the heart and soul of everything we do. The environment we curate and the people we share the same passion with are part of the end result of the organic product we deliver to you.

Salt Spring Island BC Bud

Living Soil Organics

Micro-Batch Indoor

Small-Batch Extracts

Terpy House Strains

We start by selecting only the finest cuttings from our exclusive, house genetics and grow them in small batches next to the Salish Sea. All our buds are hand-picked to deliver the best taste, dominant aromas and stickiness.

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Unique Terroir

Our organic bud is surrounded by Canada's best microclimate for outdoor cultivation. Embraced by the Salish Sea, our Island-grown BC bud lives and breathes the warm ocean breezes.

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Disruptors in Craft Cannabis

We're a family of professionals with a passionate focus on quality and sustainable cultivation. We're guided by the principles of artisanal quality, and organic growing and extraction techniques.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Social and environmental accountability is important to us. We start with living organic soils, delivering better quality products with less environmental impact. We believe that a quality product has the smallest possible footprint especially when it's made carefully and with respect for the people who produce it.

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