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Dunn Cannabis

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Dunn Cannabis


Abbotsford, BC

We grow the fire

Founded in 2018, Dunn Cannabis was built on Robert Logan Dunn's vision to create the ultimate cannabis experience for fans of the craft. Since then, we've been building our reputation as one of the best micro-grows in BC by focusing on expert cultivation and small-batch production of premium craft cultivars.

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Exclusive genetics

Our genetic catalogue includes 74 unique cultivars previously unavailable on the recreational market. Each Dunn release comes from this exclusive catalogue, so whether you choose our small-batch dried flower or craft pre-rolls, you're getting something special that can't be found from just any producer.

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Expert cultivation

Bedded in rich, organic soil medium, our plants are grown indoors under high-pressure sodium lighting with careful attention to leaf structure and node site development. Working in small batches allows our grow team to make subtle adjustments that steer the plants toward their full potential. Achieving the quality craft cannabis consumers expect is always our main goal.

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Extra attention

Our dedication to the craft doesn't stop after the grow. Each crop is hand harvested and hang dried in a dark room for 21 days before hand trimming. Next, the flower is slow cured to preserve its terpene content and develop its unique flavour profile before it heads out of our micro-production facility to craft cannabis fans across the country.

Rare + unique cultivars

Grown indoors in BC

Hand trimmed, slow cured

Quality over quantity

Meet the founder

Peek inside the Dunn Cannabis facility with Logan Dunn.

Committed to craft

"My goal has always been to earn the trust of craft cannabis fans by delivering potency, flavour, aroma and structure that exceeds expectations. Even better if I can bring them cultivars they won't find just anywhere."

~ Logan Dunn, Founder

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