Corporate Reports and Governance

As a Crown agency of the Government of Ontario reporting to the Minister of Finance, the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC), operating as the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), is committed to transparency and accountability as we outline and report back on corporate priorities, operational objectives and strategic direction.

Annual Reports
A summary of the OCS’s corporate priorities, strategic direction and business activities throughout each preceding fiscal year, including audited financial statements. 

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Business Plans
A forward-looking overview of the OCS’s business objectives, strategic plan and financial requirements for a three-year period. 

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Annual Letter of Direction
Letters from Ontario’s Minister of Finance to the Chair of the OCRC Board of Directors that outline government priorities and expectations for the OCS each fiscal year. 

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Memorandum of Understanding
The formal accountability framework between Ontario’s Minister of Finance and the Chair of the OCRC Board of Directors, which outlines governance related to operations, audits, financial and corporate reporting and more.

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Social Impact Reports
A summary of how the OCS is driving positive change to support a socially responsible and vibrant cannabis sector in Ontario.

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