Brand Name

Carmel Cannabis

Licensed Producer

Carmel Pharms



Rare Breeds, Limited Grow

Our journey didn’t start when we received our licensed producer status in 2019, it started back in 2005 when we grew our first plants and sold our first bag. Carmel is the coming together of legacy players, their collection of rare genetics, and a shared passion to put our top-shelf product in your hands.


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What We Do

At Carmel, we never wanted to grow as much cannabis as possible. From day one, our goal has been to ensure that every time you open our latest drop, you’re as excited as we were when we harvested the plants. Only product that meets our highest standards will bear the Carmel name. For us, our brand appeal will always be rooted in our bag appeal.

Small Batch

Hang Dried

Hand Trimmed

Perfectly Cured

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