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Ontario made, California dreamed

Finally! A Cannabis Drink That Tastes Good

California’s #1 selling microdosed cannabis drink has arrived in Canada and we’re award winning for a reason.

With just five all-natural ingredients sourced from the best suppliers on earth and no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, Cann is an uplifting, elevated beverage for any social (or not–you do you!) occasion.

Precisely infused with 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, Cann Social Tonics are designed to give you full control over your experience and no next day regrets.

She’s Arrived

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Blood Orange Cardamom

Juicy and bright, Blood Orange Cardamom is a lightly spiced treat that doesn’t disappoint. Designed for enjoyment, it's a tasty delight.

Made from not-from-concentrate blood orange juice from Sicily and organic agave nectar from a farm in Mexico.

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Lemon Lavender

Smooth and unexpected, Lemon Lavender is a fan favorite. Refreshing and not too sweet, it'll leave you feeling uplifted and just a bit buzzed.

Made from not-from-concentrate organic lemon juice from Italy, all-natural lavender and organic agave nectar from a farm in Mexico.

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Grapefruit Rosemary

Complex and bright, Grapefruit Rosemary is for the beverage connoisseur. With an elevated flavour, it's the ideal thing to sip with company.

Made from not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice from Florida, all-natural Rosemary, and organic agave nectar from a farm in Mexico.

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