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Licensed Producer

SESS Holdings


Toronto, Onatrio

Crafted locally, by us, for you.

The clarity of each strain is defined by our cultivation team who bring years of expertise to the CALI team. Each of our cola is grown indoor, hung dried, hand-trimmed, and cured for 28 days by a small bunch of local employees, supporting local communities, and families. Enjoy our current limited release of colas in both flower and pre-roll formats.


Non-irradiated | Pesticide Free | Craft Designated Cannabis | In-door Grown (Toronto)

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Potent. Candy-like. Diamonds.

A distinctive trichome structure coupled with hints of vanilla and bright red fruit round out the shimmering buds that are Pink Diamonds crafted by CALI. Crossed with the sought after Pink Kush and Black Diamond strains, it delivers THC levels of 22%+ that compliment the floral/peppery profile that keeps this bud humble in its beautifully crafted performance. Total Terpenes 3.70%
Caryophyllene 0.65%
Myrcene 0.46%
Linalool 0.43%
Humulene 0.32%
Limonene 0.32%
Other 1.52%

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Cheesy. Funky. Unmatched.

Imagine if a cheese puff and a cannabis plant had a baby, Big Budda Cheese would be its offspring. Powerfully funky aromas with hints of tropicl citrus and consistently high THC levels (22%+) give this strain a particularly unique position in the landscape and truly speaks for itself. Big Budda Cheese is crossed with Afghani and UK Cheese strains with an experience that is unmatched. Total Terpenes 3.30%
Bergamotene 0.70%
Myrcene 0.38%
Limonene 0.29%
Humulene 0.28%
Linalool 0.19%
Other 1.46%

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Gorgeous. Gassy. Garlic.

Deep gassy aromas with bright notes of fresh citrus mixed with earthy pepper are signature to the Garlic Cookies strain by CALI. Crossed with the well-known Chemdwag and GSC strains, it delivers high amounts of THC (22%+) and a robust bouquet of terpenes that will have you salivating long before you indulge. Total Terpenes 2.70%
Myrcene 1.27%
Caryophyllene 0.35%
Farnesene 0.28%
Alpha-Pinene 0.26%
Limonene 0.17%
Other 0.37%

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