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BZAM Cannabis


Vancouver, BC

Inhale to Activate™

BZAM™ is for the seasoned explorers. The ones with high expectations who aren’t afraid to dip their wingtips in a little intrigue. We’re known for bringing you limited-edition small batches, pheno-hunted in-house, hang dried and hand trimmed, famously flavourful vapes, and infused pre-rolls. What could be next? Ask for BZAM by name and see where the puff takes you.

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Choice cuts. Classic lineages. High THC.

Chemdawg, Appalachia and Miracle Alien Cookies are just a few of the legends you might find behind our unique cultivars, which we hang dry and hand trim to preserve flavour and potency. Look for the harvest date and terpenes printed on the package (alongside high THC, of course) and stay tuned for the latest releases from our ongoing quest for the next great genetic.

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Two-ingredient vapes with fruit-forward flavour.

Juicy melon, fresh bananas, tropical guava… Our vapes are known for their fruity flavour profiles thanks to cryo-ethanol extraction, which produces an odourless, high-THC cannabis oil. It’s the ideal base for the botanical-derived terpenes we add to get strain-specific flavours, and it means our vapes contain only two ingredients, with no added fillers, carriers or phytol. Plus, the No Burn Technology™ in our carts minimizes overheating so you can fully enjoy their unique flavours.

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Pre-rolls infused with extra potency and flavour.

Yeah, pre-rolls are cool, but have you ever tried an infused pre-roll? BZAM Jet Pack pre-rolls are made with whole flower only and come in two varieties: 99% THCA Diamond Infused, and THC distillate and terpene infused. Both offer unique experiences clocking in at 34-40% THC per pre-roll. Whoa.

Limited Releases

Legendary Lineages

High-Potency Pre-Rolls

Famously Fruity Vapes

The thrill of the pheno-hunt

Our quest to keep it interesting includes our ongoing pheno-hunt, where we run test batches of unique genetics from our library to see what they can do. This can take up to 12 months, but when we find a winning phenotype, a new BZAM release is born.

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