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Thrive Cannabis


Simcoe, ON

Being Cannabis Co.

Fast acting Being Oral Strips are like a breath strip infused with micronized cannabis that dissolves in your mouth.

Place your Being Oral Strip under the tongue or press against your cheek. The strip will dissolve and be absorbed through the membranes in your mouth (sublingually), bypassing your digestive system and delivering THC or CBD quickly.

Benefits of Being Oral Strips

Being en 1

Onset Within 5 Mins

Sublingual (under the tongue) delivery bypasses the digestive system.

Effects typically last 2-4 hours

Being en 2

More Potent Than Edibles

Bypassing the digestive system results in faster onset and greater bioavailability. More of the cannabinoids are utilized by the body.

Being en 3

10x More THC Per Pack

Edibles are limited to 10mg per pack.

Being strips offer 100mg of cannabinoids per pack (10 x 10mg strip)

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Wherever, Whenever

Strips are razor thin and each is individually wrapped. Strips are razor thin and each is individually wrapped. Instant dissolution makes consumption discreet

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