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Let’s Talk (and Shop) Vapes

Vapes can be a confusing cannabis category, with three types to choose from:

510-thread vapes

Disposable vape pens

Closed-loop systems

Certain vapes require compatible batteries and cartridges (510 and closed loop), while others are all-in-one (disposables). It's a lot to consume, but we’ve got you covered — inhale deeply and explore the resources and product information below.

Intro to Vaping

Get the basics on what vaping is, how different types of devices work and what to consider when shopping

Vaporizers vs. Vapes: What’s the Difference?

Understand the differences between these two commonly confused terms, and find the products you’re looking for

Explore 510-Thread Vapes

The key word when it comes to vapes is compatibility — you’ll need to purchase a battery and a cartridge, and the two must fit together. The most popular type of vape, 510-thread, is a highly universal product

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How 510-Thread Vape Cartridges Are Made

Take a look behind the curtain at how cannabis is transformed into these popular vape carts


Explore Disposable Vape Pens

For a convenient, all-in-one solution — no need to purchase a separate battery and cartridge — choose a disposable vape pen

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Troubleshooting Tips

Check out the eight top tricks to using a vape and keeping it running smoothly


Choose Your Potency

From high THC to the lesser-known cannabinoids, carts come in all cultivars and potencies





Explore Closed-Loop Systems

Unlike universal vaping products like 510-thread, closed-loop systems are specific branded batteries and cartridges that only work with each other. Choosing a Pax Era pod, for example, means you’ll need a Pax Era battery to consume it

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