All About Beverages 

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Cannabis-infused beverages come in a slew of flavours, potencies and formats. Whether you're looking for balanced CBD and THC in a can, THC-forward mixable powders or infused tea and coffee, you’ll find an infused option here.   

Explore how these cannabis beverages are made, learn how they can affect your body and discover the tech that helps Licensed Producers pack in the cannabinoids. Then use this information to shop for the right infused beverages for you.      

Intro to Cannabis Beverages

New cannabis-infused beverages are constantly flowing in — take a look at how these edibles work in the body, dosing considerations and what you need to know before buying  

How Beverages Are Made

Pour one out for the scientists next time you sip an infused beverage, and give thanks for the innovation that allowed cannabis and liquid to mix. Find out how 

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Stir It Up

Powdered beverage mixes let you play the mocktail budtender


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Perfect Pairings

Choose your ideal infused beverage and edible partners (just be mindful of potency — always start low and go slow) 

Coffee and Tea

Ready-to-drink cans and bottles, tea bags and coffee pods

Baked Goods

Infused cookies, biscuits, cakes and brownies 

Sparkling Water

Flavours of citrus, fruit, sweet treats, herbs and more 

Sour Chews

Tart fruit and retro tastes inside squishy gummies

Dealcoholized Beverages

Cocktail-inspired and hoppy bevvies, minus the alcohol 

Craft Pre-Rolls

Hang-dried, hand-trimmed, hand-packaged and grown in a small-batch facility 

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