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What does 420 mean to you?

We were curious to know what you think about the day and its significance to you personally — and we were bowled over by your responses.

This is our second 420 together and we couldn’t be more excited to share the day with you, the community who helped get us to where we are today. We figured the time was right for a virtual “check in,” especially now, when we’re all a little farther apart than we’d want to be. So, what does 420 mean to you? A whole lot. Here are just a few amazing examples of what you had to say…

What does 420 mean to you?

Saying Thanks to the 420 Community

“Remember that it was 420 activists that helped bring legalization to Canada.”

“The cannabis community is a diverse collection of consumers, artisans, entrepreneurs and scientists who dedicate their time to furthering the legacy of the world's most extraordinary plant.”

A Sense of Pride

“This year, it means a lot. I have been advocating the legalization of marijuana for decades and to finally have store access is everything.”

A Chance to Relax

“It's a nice break from the uncertain times in our world currently.”

“A day of relaxation and meditation combined with lots of snacks.”

Time to Reflect

“To me, 420 means a moment in each day to pause and reflect and remember what is important — which is especially important given our current circumstances. It's just a moment when you remember that so many others in the country and around the world are pausing at the same moment as you, enjoying some pot and just taking a break from all the negativity we are exposed to every day. It's the lightest moment of my day, every day."

Appreciating the Choices We Have

“420 is a declaration of freedom that broadcasts to the world that Canada is an open society that embraces diversity and happiness.”

“A celebration of democracy functioning and the government listening to the country.”

“To enjoy a puff, listen to great music and be proud to live in a country where cannabis is legal.”

Connecting with Others

“420 is when I met my best friend! We bonded over a joint and the rest is history. Every year we celebrate our friendship over a nice joint. We don't smoke as much anymore but it's just something to bring back the good memories of living together.”

“It's nice to know that if you smoke a joint or vape a bowl at that time of day that you are connected with others like you. At one with the universe!”

“It means a day of peace and love, where the community can come together and enjoy the world around us without judgments.”

“A time for laughter and reflection, jokes and dissection. It’s “Counter-Culture Christmas” in three words."

“420 is a time when people from all backgrounds and all walks of life come together to enjoy each other’s company."

Appreciation for the Cannabis Plant

“It’s a time to appreciate the plant. I spend 420 being thankful for my access to it and learning about its origins!”

“Means a celebration of an amazing plant and an amazing country which has allowed it to be legal!”

“A day where everyone can celebrate the great flower that is cannabis! It's about exploring new strains and making new friends.” 


A big thank you to everyone who responded!

Whether you choose to mark the occasion with your favourite people via video chat, or some fresh bud paired with great music and snacks, just remember to stay safe and maintain your social distance. Share your stash but not your joint, bong or pipe. Wishing you a happy and healthy 420!