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In Session: Get Fired Up For 420

420 is all about honouring the legacy of cannabis and the people and products behind it. Here’s how we’re celebrating.

In Session: Get Fired Up For 420

Nearly four years into legalization, April 20 is no longer a day about advocating for legal cannabis in Canada. Instead, it’s a day to look back at how far we’ve come. To partake with friends. And to celebrate the richness of Canada’s legal cannabis marketplace.

How will you be celebrating 420 this year? We’ve rounded up ideas to inspire your celebrations, including recommendations from a few Licensed Producers about products that capture the spirit of the day.

“420 is an ever-evolving concept,” says Chris Savoie, CEO of The Hash Corporation. “Contemporary 420s don't necessarily contain the same element of defiance and activism [as pre-legalization] but rather are a celebration of cannabis, its acceptance and the power of unity it represents.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Explore products that capture the spirit of 420

“For me, 420 is about appreciating the classics,” says Ross Hendry, head of sales and marketing at Wagners Weed.

That could be landrace strains — original cultivars that now make up the foundations of many of today’s strains — like Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Durban P. Or cultivars that helped change the way broader society viewed cannabis, such as Jack Herer (named for a cannabis rights activist) and Pineapple Express (which rose to prominence after the release of the much-loved movie by the same name).

Here are a few other products that tap into the spirit and culture of 420:


Shop HashCo hash

Gold Seal Hash from The Hash Corporation

The history of hash dates back thousands of years. Today, it’s a popular product that combines old traditions with new techniques. “Hashish represents a significant part of cannabis' global history,” says Savoie. It’s a sentiment echoed by Hendry: “For so many consumers, pressed hash was their first experience with the plant.”

As the company name suggests, The Hash Corporation are hash aficionados. Their Gold Seal Hash, a potent and terpene-rich hybrid blend, is the result of their passion. To produce the hash, they use separation methods that keep temperatures extra low in order to better preserve the flower’s original flavours: gas, fruit and spice.

Over at Wagners, their Old School Pressed Hash is what it sounds like: “a throwback,” Hendry says. For interesting flavour combinations, he suggests pairing it with a favourite strain in a joint or pipe. (Whether you’re familiar with or new to potent extracts like hash, remember to start low and go slow.)


Pink Bubba

Shop Wagners

Wagners’ Pink Bubba dried flower is old school meets new school. “The lineage of the genetic makes for a great 420 strain. Pink Bubba is a cross of the ever-popular Pink Kush and Bubba Kush, but it is really the gassy flavour profile that we love,” Hendry explains. “At this early stage in legalization, it is cool to see consumer trends in flavours cross the divide between legacy and legal markets.”


A legacy-market favourite

Shop Ghost Drops

Canada’s legal cannabis marketplace becomes more abundant and vibrant with each passing month. That’s partly thanks to beloved legacy-market companies and products that have made the transition to the legal market — companies like Ghost Drops.

“Legacy producers, breeders and extractors are the heart of cannabis culture in Canada,” says Gene Bernaudo, CEO of Ghost Drops. “Ghost Drops has brought, and will continue to bring, the most sought-after and highest-quality genetics, brands and products, from legacy to legal. Our legacy partners are what make us.”

Looking for legacy-to-legal dried flower? Try Ghost Drops First-Class Funk (now available in a 14-g format) or Z-Splitter. If pre-rolls are more your thing, Ghost Drops offers Khalifa Mints (an indica-dominant hybrid cross) and, new this month, Khalifa Mints in a blunt-style wrapper.


Light up with friends

Getting together with “420-friendly” folks is at the core of April 20. And after a difficult two years of being separated from friends and family, this 420 is all about celebrating together, in person.

Consider hosting an infused 420 get-together — think dinner party but with a selection of cannabis-infused dishes or edible-topped desserts. Be sure to serve diverse offerings (including non-infused and CBD-dominant options) and, of course, to label everything clearly. For more tips, and DIY infused-dessert ideas, check out our guide to entertaining (safely) with cannabis.

Keeping things casual? Shareable products make for a fun and safe meetup. Think soft chews, chocolates or bulk packs of pre-rolls — either in your favourite strain or featuring a variety of cultivars to sample. Or try something entirely new from our selection of just-launched products, like CBD chewing gum, featuring vanilla and mint flavours with 20 mg of CBD per piece.


Pay a visit to local budtenders

Pay a visit to local budtenders

“Not much makes me happier than a budtender recommendation,” says Hendry of Wagners.

Follow his lead and consider stopping in at an Authorized Cannabis Store near you to get ready for 420. Budtenders can help narrow down your selections and guide you to exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, many stores are offering a selection of exciting new products from the latest OCS drop. They also have exciting things planned for 420 — check out what’s in store.

Use our store locator to find a store near you, or visit one of the retailers we’ve profiled recently:

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Brush up on cannabis history

Cannabis — as a plant and as a legal product — has a long and complicated history. It’s been revered as a ceremonial plant and reviled as an outlawed substance. The legalization of cannabis in Canada wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the grassroots efforts of cannabis trailblazers.

420 is the perfect occasion to look back. Our cannabis history series has you covered:

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Grow your own

There’s no better way to gain a closer understanding of the cannabis plant than to try growing it yourself. Ontarians are legally permitted to grow up to four plants at home.

If you’re interested in growing cannabis from seed, now’s the time to purchase your seeds of choice and start germinating. That’s because they’ll need time to develop into seedlings, which you’ll want to move outside (if you choose to grow outdoors) sometime between mid-May and mid-June.

Curious about how to grow your own bud? Our guide to growing cannabis has all the information you need to get started.


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