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Ask a Bud: Shopping for 420 Celebrations

With 420 celebrations around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning for the special occasion and shopping for the perfect products. We’ve asked budtender Harry Lewis from Star Bud Innisfil for some tips on how to have a safe and successful day.

Consider getting more than just THC. Try a balance of THC and CBD or CBG. You could even offer CBN gummies as a nightcap or to be included in an end-of-party gift bag


Harry Lewis
Star Bud Innisfil


Getting ready for 420? Nearly half a decade into legalization, experienced budtenders are more ready than ever to help customers find the perfect product(s) to enjoy the special occasion. To get an idea on how to best prepare, we asked Star Bud Innisfil budtender Harry Lewis for some tips on what to stock up on, and how to stay safe while consuming. According to Jayme Mckechnie of Paramount Cannabis Co., “Ash and resin buildup also pose a fire hazard and can be difficult to remove once the resin has begun to harden. The flavour of dirty glass can overtake that of the flower, hurting the experience of enjoying the different flavour profiles of cannabis.”

What essentials should I consider when
planning my 420 celebrations?

“My essential 420 list begins with answering a couple of questions for yourself: Who? What? Where? We already know the why and the when, but answering these three questions ahead of time will help set yourself up for the optimal 420.”

Lewis gave us lots of ideas for celebrating 420 with friends or by yourself. Want to go solo? He suggests taking a more self-care route by “making the day a date with yourself.” Instead of outsourcing your munchies, why not create your own? “Hop online and find a new recipe! Taking the time to put your own meal together is extremely rewarding and a great first step to a self-care day.”

If you’re choosing to celebrate with friends, let the collaborating begin. Discuss what you would like to consume, both cannabis and munchies. “Consider getting more than just THC. Try a balance of THC and CBD or CBG. You could even offer CBN gummies as a nightcap or to be included in an end-of-party gift bag.” And keep an eye on local 420 events that are taking place. There might be some fun things planned in your area that you could join.

What should I stock up on if I’m hosting
a 420 celebration?

“Be diverse in your selections and remember you’re shopping for not just yourself but all your buddies as well. You may want to consider doing a potluck style shindig to help split the costs among all those attending.”

Lewis explains that when hosting a cannabis party, there are three things he looks for to have the cannabis portion covered:

  1. Affordable, low dose edibles – “Edibles are generally less intimidating to consume for newer cannabis users and can be consistently and easily dosed so partygoers can easily keep track of how much they have consumed.”
  2. THC-dominant flower – “Generally, I try to have a couple of different strains on hand, with something potent for the more experienced smokers in the crowd and something a little lighter for anyone with lower tolerance.”
  3. Balanced beverages – “Having a CBD balance can lighten the intensity of pure THC products.”

Do you have any safety tips for celebrating 420?

When consuming with others, remember to respect both your own and others’ boundaries.

If you’re hosting, take the time to clearly label all infused products so your guests know exactly what they’re consuming. Also consider having non-infused food in a separate area, to prevent confusion and potential overconsumption.

Lewis even goes as far as making cannabis part of his home tour. “I set up little stations, so I will make sure to point out where the smokables are, the edibles, and so on and so forth, so that first thing when a guest gets there, they know where all the cannabis is.” Making sure your guests have all the information they need will go a long way in making sure the day ends on a high note!

Check out even more ideas and products to help commemorate the day here.

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