Community C/O Purple Hills

Jam Band Diamond-Infused Pre-Roll

Carefully rolled pre-rolls of hand-tended, sun-grown flower infused with terpene-rich diamonds. Jam Band is indica-dominant with a funky cheese aroma.  Learn More

About This Product

Community Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls are a pack of carefully rolled pre-rolls of hand-tended, sun-grown flower, infused with terpene-rich diamonds. To craft the diamonds, our aromatic flower is preserved through flash-freezing at harvest and then concentrated through BHO extraction before time is given for the recrystallization of cannabinoids into high-potency THCA diamonds. The resulting material still expresses notes of the flower’s unique flavonoids and terpenes, offering more complete and complex flavour than standard diamonds. The distribution of these diamonds in the pre-rolls is well-balanced, ensuring a consistent and potent burn from start to finish. Jam Band Infused Pre-Rolls are indica-dominant, with the flavour and aroma of sweet, funky cheese.
Licensed Producer
Agripharm Corp
Community C/O Purple Hills
Very Strong
27.00 - 33.00%  |  270.00 - 330.00 mg/g
0.00 - 2.00%  |  0.00 - 20.00 mg/g
Plant Type
Indica Dominant
Growing Province
Growing region
Community of Purple Hills
Grow method
Grow medium
Grow room lighting
Sun Assisted LED
Drying method
Hang Dry

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Dried Cannabis, Cannabis Extract

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