Bamboo Cones

Ultra-thin (14g/m²) pre-rolled cones made from100% eco-conscious bamboo fibre.  Size: 1 1/4 (84mm).  10 cones per pack.  Learn More

About This Product

Rolling papers and pre-rolled cones made from 100% eco-conscious bamboo fibre,  OCB® BAMBOO utilizes the world’s most renewable fibre – bamboo – and does so in a way designed to respect and preserve the environment. The bamboo is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, eco-consciously harvested (roots left intact to regrow for continual harvesting), and minimally processed (i.e., no chemical pulping or bleaching) to minimize impact on local ecosystems. The papers are left unbleached, dye-free and finished with all-natural acacia gum adhesive. The result is an ultra-thin (14g/m²) all-natural paper that’s great for the planet. Bamboo’s long fibres make it remarkably tear-resistant and easy to roll with, and its natural resistance to humidity means it won’t get gummy in humid conditions.  The burn is ultra-slow and even, and the taste is clean and neutral, with zero aftertaste.  
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