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Thumbs Up Brand


Toronto, ON

Better Buds. Better Price. Better Brand.

Good weed doesn’t have to break the bank. We are cannabis enthusiasts looking to bring some fun to your everyday routine by finding great product at a price that is fair to you and the grower. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we donate 10% of all profits back to the communities we operate in.

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Our Promise: 10% For Good

We like good bud, but we also believe in doing good. Thumbs Up Brand donates 10% of profits to transformative causes that put the people and our planet first.

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Better Buds.

Thumbs Up Brand scours Canada for the best cannabis from the best growers. We send in our experts to make sure the bud is top notch, looking for healthy, clean plants that are dense and trichome-rich. All to bring you better buds, every time. 

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Strain Hunters® Exclusive Genetics

Thumbs Up Brand is proud to bring you exciting Strain Hunters® genetics from our grow partners, like Thumbs Up White Lemon. The Strain Hunters® are a team dedicated to discovering important and isolated cannabis landraces and sharing them with the world.

Better Price.

Good cannabis doesn’t have to break the bank. We think it should be a fair price for both the grower and you! Our mission is to bring you BETTER quality at a BETTER price.

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Better Brand.

We understand that life can be routine, and that’s why we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Thumbs Up offers an escape through playful content where laughing at the mundane is highly accepted.

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We like to have fun, but we also care about doing good. Through our 10% FOR GOOD initiative, we donate 10% of our gross profits back to transformative causes that put people and planet first.

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